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Driving value through accelerated change.

How we see the world.

We are living in an age of technology-driven upheaval characterized by people, markets and goals in flux. Even the language of business is now wrapped in uncertainty and chaos. We live through tornado markets, try to identify inflection points created by disruptive technologies that will move our markets through paradigm shifts at the risk of falling into chasms. Some advocate searching for new business in untouched markets (somewhere amidst in the blue ocean).

Established companies struggle with legacy systems, processes and mindsets. Searching for growth and maintaining competitive advantage means transforming into an agile e-business, sparking a dynamic culture that reaches for new markets and customers.

New entrants in rapid growth can choke on internal constraints from their original systems, small-scale processes, and informal practices. Transforming into a global business can't sacrifice agility, speed, focus or the can-do spirit.


What we do about it.

Get the strategy right. Target the right markets. Start the transformation.

The best organizations still find themselves devoting resources to issues around inventory levels, sales productivity, expanding service offerings, expanding product lines, business visibility and reporting, employee productivity, or empowered decision-making.

We can help.


Execute. Deliver. Repeat. Bring processes and people with you.

Process Optimization

  • Core vs. context. multi-sourced swarms.
  • Portfolio management - business value of IT, ROI, benefits, NPV, innovation.
  • IT governance and development lifecycle.

Organizational and Cultural Change

Organizations require creativity and fast decision-making flowing from ‘art of the possible’ thinking that can quickly drive the strategies forward. There's a fundamental need to create a motivated, energetic, and empowered workforce that is focused and proud to be driving business value.

However, people are often rewarded for being heroes and fire-fighters focused on operational issues. Thiss is a valuable skill in small doses but left unchecked leaves an organization focused only on the here and now. Most employees should be aligned to an internal culture that creates motivated and energetic employees driving innovation, long-term growth and who can evangelise the broader cultural changes required to transform into an e-business.

People at all levels can be encouraged to innovate and learn from failure. Organizations can become a more attractive place to work, drawing in talent today and in the future.

We can help.


Innovate. Be agile. Let people work together. Transact online.

Agile architectures and skunkworks

As the internet revolution moves deeper into the mainstream, the opportunities now are on loose, on-demand real-time collaboration between 3rd parties, who may only have superficial relationships with each other.

The the ‘big-iron’ ERP model of the 1990s – pre-defined, scheduled integration between master-slave systems – is increasingly under threat, with some analysts predicting an end to the traditional ERP market itself .

We help create an business landscape that diminishes reliance on separate applications, moving business capacbilities to agnostic building blocks that can be assembled and rearranged like Lego pieces, allowing us to adapt business processes to make them more efficient, for emerging strategies or changing market conditions.

Tiered IT architectures that protect Core transactional systems at the center while providing a responsive prototyping skunkworks capability at the Edge with end user assembly of applications are a key component to unlocking the true power of today's organizations.



Our capabilities:

Business and growth strategies:

  • Business transformations
  • e-business evolutions
  • New markets
  • Innovation centers

Execution and performance:

  • Leadership
  • Aligned organizations
  • High-performance culture
  • Process optimization
  • Industry-expertise and delivery

Advantage through technology:

  • e-commerce and e-business support
  • Skunkworks and disruptive change
  • Agile architectures (SOA + cloud)
  • Collaboration (portals, intranets)


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